Decyfer Down

Hey Guys, I'm a new DD fan just since last month when my husband took me to your Elgin, IL concert. I am so appreciative of your ministry, your talent, and your passion. While I'm not a new Christian, your music really shook me awake and helped renew my passion and focus on/for our God. Thank you! I've talked via messanger with you about visiting Madison, WI, and I am so wanting to help your ministry any way I can now. I received an email after donating to help fix your bus, and it has a link to a page for your album fundraising. Are those packages still available for purchase? If you do decide to come to Wisconsin, I am willing to help you guys however I can, and my husband will as well. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! I believe you have, and will continue to make an impact on many...both new believers and ones as myself who needed a kick in the butt! Lol! We're coming to your show in Michigan too! Much love from Wisconsin! ~Laura and Duane Fillmore and family

Decyfer Down responded on 05/11/2017

Hey Laura, This is TJ. We will get there! Im constantly looking at the map trying to work it out! Don't give up on us!

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